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Picture Galleries: Allaura sucks on some hard teacher bone

Allaura is a hot cheerleader who doesn't know very much about academic subjects, thats why she has to offer some special services to teachers after classes to get on in life such as sucking and riding the huge cock. The other students are jealous that she can get A's all the time, but they just don't know her secret yet, that she is a dirty teachers pet.

Picture Galleries: Vivanne got detention with some added punishment

This dirty slut is a coed who pretends to be innocent, she even braids her hair and puts it up in pigtails every day to please all the guys in her class there. They all wonder how she doesn't pay attention all the time but manages to get the best grades in the class, little do they know that she is the dirty teachers pet and after the lesson she will be taking a creamy load from the professor's huge cock.

Picture Galleries: Chloey is a pigtailed teen who loves the cock

Chloey couldn't manage to get past the first year of university with the shit for brains she had, she barely even scraped it in there, but she has a secret trick that is getting her straight A's from all of the male staff on campus, by opening her petite legs for the hunky professors to ram their massive cocks into her tight pussy. She loves to get fucked and loves the money her parents give her for the good grades she faked.

Picture Galleries: Asian diva Jade took it in the ass and the pussy simultaneously

This dirty asian whore went to a school where there was not many other asians, which meant that she was seen as exotic by both all the boys at the school and all the teachers, she knew that the boys didn't have very big cocks yet so she let two of the biggest teachers fuck her at the same time, she enjoyed two huge loads of cum all over her after a maths lesson.

Picture Galleries: Blonde cutie Violet gobbled that cum up

This beautiful blonde babe was a really innocent girl back when she was going to school, she never even kissed a guy until she got into college, well that is all about to change when she takes a rock hard cock up her tight little ass in this hot episode. I think we have discovered the reason she can get such good grades from every male teacher without even trying in lessons, maybe she is having a little more extra curricular help than first thought.

Picture Galleries: Crystal went back to school for some extra lessons

Crystal decided that she wanted to further her knowledge as she had not spent much time listening when she was at school, she was more interested in sucking as many cocks behind the bike sheds for money as possible. So she brought herself and one of her old friends along to see their old favourite teacher who they really liked. There is one reason they really liked him, he had a huge cock. They tag teamed him and both got a big warm cum load inside of them.

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